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Private Events

The Details

Are you looking for a private space to host your next AGM, xxx, xxx or xxx we can help with that. Our taproom is available Monday through Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.  We can accommodate 25 - 40 people.

*At this time we cannot accommodate  private events Thursday through Sunday. 

We don't charge a room rental fee to use our space. 

We do ask that your group spends a minimum of $600 + HST & Gratuity.

If sales do not meet the minimum spend we will charge the organizer of the event a room rental fee for the difference. 

You decide whether to cover your guests tabs, pay for one or two of their drinks or let them pay for their own drinks. 

We have a 6' feasting board that can be added to your booking for $450 + HST. Our feasting board is a hit with private bookings. It will be filled with meats, cheese, crackers, dips, fruits veggies and more. We will keep your board refreshed throughout the evening, We provide plates napkins and serving utensils. 


Our room is equipped with a sound system and  TV for your presentation. 

You will be able to setup 1 hour prior to the start of your event, and have 30 minutes to pack-up at the end of the evening. We kindly ask that you take all balloons and decorations with you at the end of the evening. 

Inquire about your date.

17 Talbot Street East Unit #4

Jarvis Ontario

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