Brewery Update

Hey Friends!!

We wanted to write a post about the progress of Concession Road Brewing Co.

We cannot even begin to express our gratitude to everyone who has reached out in one way another to help out and let us know they are excited for us to open.  Believe me when I say we are excited too!

We got the key to our space at 17 Talbot E on July 1st with high hopes for opening in the fall.  Its a complete understatement to say that that was an ambitious goal.  What can we say we are highly motivated and ambitious people.  We have worked day and night along with some incredible contractors... and are still working hard to complete the final touches to the Firehall. 

Here's a few before and after's showing the transformation of both the brewhouse and taproom. 

So the million Dollar question is when are you opening? 

As soon as we have beer, is the quick and dirty answer.  We have a few things to take care of before we can open the doors.  We are waiting for our fermentors to arrive.  Once we have the fermentors we will get right on with making beer for you to enjoy.  This process takes a minimum of 21 days.  There are also a few licences we have to get once we have made our first batch, we have been very proactive in this department so we do not anticipate this taking to long.  Lastly we are proud to say our facility is wheelchair accessible, before we can officially open we have to change out our bay door to a proper brewery entrance.  We hope to have the final steps completed in the very near future. 

While we would love to say that we will be open before Christmas, if we are being perfectly honest with you and with ourselves it looks more like we will be opening in January 2018.  While its not the fall opening we were hoping for we are very excited to open as soon as possible and have you in to enjoy the space and our beer!


Jeff & Shannon

Shannon Bunton