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Below is an up to date listing of what is available on tap. We update our website menu every Monday. We do fill growlers & howlers. Our can selection may vary slightly from whats available on tap.


Sunny As Folk Raspberry Lemonade Seltzer

A beautiful light seltzer base blended with raspberry and lemon puree for wonderfully light summer vibes! Our best selling hard seltzer to date! 4%


Trackside Mango Seltzer

Our house made seltzer with mango! Refreshing, Clear & Gluten Free (not certified gluten free as we are a gluten handling facility). 4%


Sour Beers

Crossroads Key Lime Sour

Tart kettle sour with balanced malt profile, aged with key lime for a
wonderful body. Another of our most popular seasonal sours!

Sour Beer

Bluetiful Melons

Dive into summer with our refreshing Blueberry Watermelon Sour! This vibrant brew is a delightful blend of juicy blueberries and luscious watermelon, creating a perfect harmony of sweet and tart flavors.

Sour Beer

What the Flock

Introducing "What The Flock," a Strawberry & Kiwi Sour bursting with vibrant rose hues and lively aromas of juicy strawberries and zesty kiwis. This brew delivers a harmonious balance of sweet and tart flavors, offering a refreshing and crisp experience that invites you to savor every sip. Embrace the unexpected and redefine your enjoyment of fruity beers with "What The Flock," a delightful twist on summer refreshment that promises to captivate your palate.

Sour Beer

Light Beers

Firehouse Blonde Ale

With inspiration from the old volunteer firehall in which our brewery is located our firehouse blonde ale is crisp and easy drinking. Crisp refreshing flavour, with notes of pineapple on the finish and low bitterness this beer is incredibly drinkable! 5%


Little Britain ESB

We won GOLD at the 2024 Canadian Brewing Awards for our Little Britain.
An ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is a classic British ale with a balanced flavor profile. It offers rich maltiness with caramel and toffee notes, balanced by a firm bitterness from English hops. ESBs are known for their medium to full body and are favored for their complex yet approachable taste.


Hospitality Weekend

This lager features a delicate balance of light malt flavors and a subtle, floral hop aroma, thanks to the dry hopping process. Its clean, smooth finish and moderate carbonation make it incredibly drinkable, while the light body ensures it's not too heavy on the palate. Ideal for those who appreciate a classic lager with a modern twist, our Light Dry Hopped Lager is your go-to choice for a refreshing and satisfying beer experience.


Rough Ride Till Five - Kolsch

light and drinkable, often with a touch of subtle fruitiness and spice like an ale but with a crisper, cleaner finish you would expect from a pale lager



Fjord of Dreams

Our Flagship hazy, juicy IPA! Hopped With Simcoe and Cashmere Hops and femented with Norwegian Kveik yeast this brew tastes heavily of pineapple and stone fruit. Definitely a crowd-pleaser and our best selling IPA to date. 6.7% 43 IBU


Dark Beers

We currently have no dark beers on tap.


Seltzer Palmer

A fun twist where we blend our Island Breeze Sour with our Mango Seltzer


Seltzer Sunrise

A tropical treat made with our Mango Seltzer, Orange Juice, Grenadine. Topped with a slice of orange and maraschino cherries.



Add slushy to your choice of Sour Beers or Seltzers. Slushy flavors will change weekly (or bi-weekly)

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